Nervous around horses?

Not interested in riding but love horses?

Want to get a better handle on your horse?

Ever wondered how they train horses for film?

If you are one or all of the above then the League of Extraordinary Horsemen is for you.

In this structured program you will have the opportunity to meet regularly for group training sessions, have access to horses in-between sessions to practise your skills and discounts on private liberty lessons. At the end of the year you will also receive a free entry into C.H. Horsemanship’s Liberty Competition.

From this ….

To this ….

You can book individual sessions on the booking page or contact Carissa if you would like to sign up for the whole program.

Session 1
12.30-1.30pm Orientation (tying a halter and whip control)
2.00-3.00pm Leading and circles

Session 2
12.30-1.30pm Leading and Circles
2.00-3.00pm Switching

Session 3
12.30-1.30pm Circles and switching
2.00-3.00pm Switching onto a mark

Session 4
12.30-1.30 Switching onto a mark
2.00-3 00pm hunting the mark

Session 5
12.30-1.30pm Leading, Circles finessing
2.00-3.00pm Mark Training

Session 6
12.30-1.30pm circles and Leading
2.00-3.00pm Mirroring

Session 7
12.30-1.30pm circles and Leading
2.00-3.00pm Mirroring

Session 8
12.30-1.30pm Mirroring
2.00-3.00pm Stop Cue

Session 9
12.30-1.30pm Mirroring
2.00-3.00pm Stop Cue

Session 10
12 30-1.30pm Stop and stand
2.00-3.00pm Mark Training

Session 11
12.30-1.30pm Stop and Stand
2.00-3.00pm Come Cue

Session 12
12.30-1.30pm Come Cue
2.00-3.00pm Stop on a circle

Session 13
12.30-1.30 Stop on a circle
2.00-3.00pm creating bend

Session 14
12.30-1.30pm Creating bend
2.00-3.00pm transitioning from halter to liberty

Session 15
12.30-1.30pm creating bend
2.00-3.00pm walking at liberty

Session 16
12.30-1.30pm review halter work
2.00-3.00pm liberty circles

Session 17
12.30-1.30pm solidify bend
2.00-3.00pm liberty walk and circles

Session 18
12.30-1.30pm Mirroring review
2.00-3.00pm Mirroring at liberty

Session 19
12.30-3.00pm competition prep

Session 20
12.30-3.00pm competition prep

Session 21
Liberty Competition!!

All sessions can be adjusted to different stages of training. Dates are subject to change. If interest requires additional dates may be added to ensure groups are not too large.



Private liberty lessons for League participants $70