There are lots of things to think about when you have a horse and sometimes we don’t know unless we ask. It can be very overwhelming entering the equestrian world.

Horse Care lessons are a great opportunity for you to learn about anything from the most basic needs of horses to plaiting up for a show. Even if you don’t own a horse but are interested in working in the horse industry or thinking about leasing or buying in the future this is a good way to get a handle on what it actually means to look after a horse.

Learn about feeding horses, their nutritional requirements, types of feeds and feeding schedules and practices. There are many factors that will determine what your horse actually requires.

Horse health is a large topic that can cover simple but important issues that can make a big difference to the horse. Even just knowing what are signs of distress in a horse can help identify an issue or ailment early, and early detection can improve the outcome. Learn how to check vital signs and basic first aid, or practice your bandaging skills.

These lessons can also be used to learn about tack and various equipment. Learn about maintenance and signs of wear. What would you look for that could potentially cause an accident if there was a failure and what is just aesthetic.