At C.H. Horsemanship we have the philosophy that riders should be capable, safe and confident handling horses whether that is on the ground or in the saddle. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your experience is, everyone starts the same way, catching a horse and learning from there. Every interaction with a horse is training them and it is our responsibility to be consistent and understanding in that training. By doing so, riders will have a better experience and actually learn why horses behave as they do when we ask things of them.

I am currently teaching in Badgerys Creek. Please visit my bookings page to see what is available.


I offer riding lessons to suit a range of ages, experience and abilities. Whether you are wanting to improve your skills or just need time on the horse I can accommodate a variety of needs. Lessons can range from working on the lunge to jumping to riding in open spaces. It’s never too late to start .


Ever wanted to know what would actually be involved in looking after your own horse? Have a horse and too embarrassed to ask questions? This is your opportunity to learn about day to day care like feeding and rugging, horse health and wound management, even things like plaiting up.


There is so much we can do with horses that isn’t riding. From lunging to liberty work to trick training. Learn about the benefits of groundwork for the horse and get a better understanding of how they move and react to pressure, release and our body language. This is excellent for building up your confidence in handling horses.